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Added documentation to doc/wiki/. autogen.sh downloads them from dovecot.org
if they don't exist. Changed wiki links in dovecot-example.conf to point to
the doc/wiki/ directory instead.

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 docdir = $(datadir)/doc/dovecot
 confdir = $(sysconfdir)
@@ -6,10 +8,9 @@
 doc_DATA = \
 	auth-protocol.txt \
-	securecoding.txt \
-	variables.txt
+	documentation.txt \
+	securecoding.txt
 	mkcert.sh \


--- NEW FILE: documentation.txt ---
The documentation in wiki/ directory has been imported from
http://wiki.dovecot.org/. The actual Wiki may contain more up-to-date
information, so unless this is an old Dovecot release, you may want to use
the Wiki directly.

Documentation Index

 * <QuickConfiguration.txt> for people in hurry
 * <WhyDoesItNotWork.txt> - Why doesn't Dovecot work?

 1. Welcome to the Dovecot Wiki
 2. Dovecot Wiki Contents
 3. Generic information about mail servers
 4. A simple Dovecot installation
 5. Full guide to setting up a new Dovecot installation
 6. Examples / Scenarios
 7. Migration from existing systems
 8. Troubleshooting
 9. Tuning
 10. Reference
 11. Misc

Generic information about mail servers

 * Mail protocols: IMAP [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imap], POP3
   [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop3] and SMTP
 * <Mail delivery agents and Sieve> [MDA.txt]
 * <Mailbox formats> [MailboxFormat.txt]
 * <User authentication> [Authentication.txt]
    * <SASL> [Sasl.txt]

A simple Dovecot installation

It's a good idea to start with a simple Dovecot installation to see that
everything works. After that you can start changing things one at a time, so if
you run into trouble you know immediately where the problem is.

If you're in a hurry and you already know enough about mail servers,
<QuickConfiguration.txt> may be more helpful to you instead.

 1. Installing
     * <Compiling from sources> [CompilingSource.txt]
     * <Installing prebuilt binaries> [PrebuiltBinaries.txt]
 2. <Checking where mail is delivered to> [FindMailLocation.txt]
 3. <Configuring Dovecot> [BasicConfiguration.txt]
 4. <Running Dovecot> [RunningDovecot.txt]
 5. <Logging.txt>
 6. <Testing that everything works> [TestInstallation.txt]
     * <Testing POP3 installation> [TestPop3Installation.txt]
 7. <Finishing the test installation> [FinishBasicConfiguration.txt]

Full guide to setting up a new Dovecot installation

This guide assumes that you have already managed to run Dovecot successfully,
as described in the "A simple Dovecot installation" guide above.

 * Starting guidelines
    * <System users> [SystemUsers.txt]
    * <Virtual users> [VirtualUsers.txt]
    * <UNIX User IDs used by Dovecot> [UserIds.txt]
 * <Authentication configuration> [Authentication.txt]
    * <Password databases> [PasswordDatabase.txt]
    * <User databases> [UserDatabase.txt]
    * <Multiple authentication databases>
    * <Kerberos> [Authentication.Kerberos.txt]
    * <Restricting users' access> [Authentication.RestrictAccess.txt]
    * <Special authentication features> [PasswordDatabase.ExtraFields.txt]
    * <Master users> [Authentication.MasterUsers.txt]
 * <Mailbox location configuration> [MailLocation.txt]
    * <Mails stored in local disk> [MailLocation.LocalDisk.txt]
    * <Mails stored in shared filesystem> [MailLocation.SharedDisk.txt]
      (<NFS.txt>, clustered FS)
    * <Maildir configuration> [MailLocation.Maildir.txt]
    * <Mbox configuration> [MailLocation.Mbox.txt]
    * <Namespaces.txt>
    * <Shared mailboxes> [SharedMailboxes.txt]
 * <Login processes and their settings> [LoginProcess.txt]
 * <SSL.txt> settings and certificate creation
 * <Plugins.txt>
    * <Quota.txt>
    * <Access Control Lists> [ACL.txt] (ACLs)
 * <Dovecot as a POP3 server> [POP3Server.txt]
 * <Dovecot's local delivery agent> [LDA.txt]
 * <Post-login scripting> [PostLoginScripting.txt]

Examples / Scenarios

See this section in http://wiki.dovecot.org/

 * <Rootless installation> [Rootless.txt]
 * <POP-before-SMTP> [PopBSMTPAndDovecot.txt]
    * <Pop Relay Compatibility> [PopRelay.txt]

Migration from existing systems

 * <From other IMAP/POP3 servers> [Migration.txt]
    * <My mailboxes are lost after migrating to Dovecot!>
 * <Upgrading from Dovecot 0.99.x to 1.0> [UpgradingDovecot.txt]
 * <Converting between mailbox formats> [Migration.MailFormat.txt] (mbox <->
   Maildir, etc.)


 * <Why doesn't Dovecot work?> [WhyDoesItNotWork.txt]
 * <Finding the error message from logs> [Logging.txt]
 * <Debugging authentication> [Debugging.Authentication.txt]
 * <Process tracing> [Debugging.ProcessTracing.txt] is useful when Dovecot
   seems slow or hangs completely
 * <mbox errors and crashes> [MboxProblems.txt]
 * <Client issues and configuration> [Clients.txt]
    * <Debugging using Thunderbird's logging> [Debugging.Thunderbird.txt]
 * Sending bug reports [http://dovecot.org/bugreport.html], debugging crashes
   and sniffing network traffic


 * <Performance tuning> [PerformanceTuning.txt]
 * <Security tuning> [SecurityTuning.txt]
    * <Chrooting.txt>


 * <Command line arguments> [CommandLine.txt]
 * <Dovecot's design> [Design.txt]
 * <Client issues and configuration> [Clients.txt]


 * <Listening on Additional Ports> [Iptables.txt] using IP Tables

--- variables.txt DELETED ---

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