[Dovecot-news] v2.1.rc2 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Jan 6 18:42:07 EET 2012


Lots of fixes since rc1. Some of the changes were larger than I wanted
at RC stage, but they had to be done now.. Hopefully it's all over now,
and we can have v2.1.0 soon. :)

Some of the more important changes:

	* dsync was merged into doveadm. There is still "dsync" symlink
	  pointing to "doveadm", which you can use the old way for now.
	  The preferred ways to run dsync are "doveadm sync" (for old "dsync
	  mirror") and "doveadm backup".

	+ IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension to describe mailboxes
	+ Added mailbox {} sections, which deprecate autocreate plugin
	+ lib-fs: Added "mode" parameter to "posix" backend to specify mode
	  for created files/dirs (for mail_attachment_dir).
	+ inet_listener names are now used to figure out what type the socket
	  is when useful. For example naming service auth { inet_listener } to
	  auth-client vs. auth-userdb has different behavior.
	+ Added pop3c (= POP3 client) storage backend.
	- LMTP proxying code was simplified, hopefully fixing its problems.
	- dsync: Don't remove user's subscriptions for subscriptions=no

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