[dovecot] Sieve

hellhound at geek.be hellhound at geek.be
Sun Dec 1 22:42:42 EET 2002

Hi all,

  I'm using Dovecot for some months now, and I love it!
  I also saw that there are 'plans' to integrate Sieve support.
  Well, some days ago I saw the following on freshmeat:
    libSieve - http://libsieve.sourceforge.net/
       libSieve is a standalone library pulled from CMU's implementation 
       of their Sieve mail sorting library in the Cyrus mail server. 
       Either shared or statically linked, libSieve will help to bring 
       mail sorting functionality into your mail server application 
       without the need to reinvent the wheel. As a library, it is
       not intended for end users expecting a ready-to-run program.
  Maybe this could ease the Sieve integration ?

  If I got some spare time I'm going to contribute some code for it


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