[dovecot] Maildir detection..

Jesse Peterson jpeterson275 at attbi.com
Thu Dec 12 05:14:26 EET 2002

It would seem that dovecot cannot detect my maildir.  The system DO NOT 
use "~/Maildir".  It is arbitrary across a few systems, actualy, and am 
curious if there is a way to "force" in the config file where the 
maildir explicitly resides, much like Postfix's "home_mailbox" 
configuration parameter.

On a side note, I compiled dovecot 0.99.4 on a NetBSD 1.6-release i386 
machine, it when imap_listen is not set in the config file, it only 
binds to the tcp6 ::1 address.  Any clues?

Jesse Peterson
erage at softhome.net

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