[dovecot] SSL + default_mail_env

Jesse Peterson jpeterson275 at attbi.com
Mon Dec 16 10:25:01 EET 2002

in the config file i have "ssl_disable = yes", however, i get this in my 
   LOG_MAIL syslog: "Dec 17 00:21:07 host imap-master: Can't create 
temporary SSL parameters file 
/default/configured/directory/ssl-parameters.dat.tmp: No such file or 
I know what the error is, and how to fix it, but it's an SSL thing which 
should have been disable according the config file, correct?

It would seem that if you surround the value given to default_mail_env 
in quotes (as listed in the sample config file) you get errors like:
Dec 17 00:21:13 host imap(testuser): Failed to create storage with data: 

Jesse Peterson
erage at softhome.net

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