[dovecot] passwd-file access

Jesse Peterson jpeterson275 at attbi.com
Tue Dec 17 03:50:55 EET 2002

Using passwd-file authentication I run into some problems..
This is my passwd file:


My MUA tells me after enter my user/pass that the server disconnected, 
OK.  So I netcat into the imap server, and issue an "C: LOGIN user a" in 
which case I get the error "Fatal: USER environment missing".  So I 
search for this in the src and find in 'src/imap/main.c' on line 30 it 
checks for the environment variable USER.. which I assume it can't find 
because it's not an actual system user, it's a ficticious user in a 

Any ideas?

Jesse Peterson
erage at softhome.net

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