[dovecot] dovecot replacing uw-imap

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Dec 19 17:29:24 EET 2002

 I'm trying to sort out how to make dovecot replace uw-imap cleanly. But
I have the following problems/questions:

1. Why is mbox support limited to user-owned directories?
2. Would it be possible to have dovecot target a different place than
~user/mail by default, specfically some place like

I'd like to move all my mail storage out of user homedirs and to central
space on my mail server, increasing reliability and helping me manage
disk space usage for readily. 

In order to use dovecot I need a migration path and that path looks like
it will need mbox outside of the users homedirs and pottentially outside
of solely user-owned directories.


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