[dovecot] Re: passwd-file; configure args..

Jesse Peterson jpeterson275 at attbi.com
Sat Dec 28 11:07:59 EET 2002

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 09:57, Jesse Peterson wrote:
>>I couldn't reproduce this again (because i can't get imap-master running 
>>due to problem below..) but.. When compiling without shadow, passwd, or 
>>pam, when logging in I get after a successful login (in my syslog):
>>Dec 28 22:39:38 badcase imap(username): MAIL environment missing and 
>>autodetection failed (home /some/home/directory)
>>Now I thought this was covered in a previous fix before (ChangeLog: 
>>"2002-12-17 03:00  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>")  but for some reason 
>>it's broken again..?
> This is different problem. The mailbox location detection isn't working
> for some reason with you. Did it used to work, or is this just a
> different user? ~/mail (mbox) or ~/Maildir has to exist to make Dovecot
> know what to use.
>>The configure args problem has to do with --localstatedir.  If i leave 
>>it default (PREFIX/var) it forces me (even with non-relative pathnames 
>>in the config file) for the socket-files (ssl_parameters_file, 
>>login_dir) that should go in /var/run to be put under PREFIX, 
>>(/usr/local for NetBSD 1.6).  Not too bad, if I could override it in the 
>>config file, which I can't.  So I ./configure'd with --localstatedir=/, 
>>and when I run imap-master I now get:
>>Fatal: Can't create directory //run/dovecot: No such file or directory
>>Somewhat odd.
> Well, since the default is PREFIX/var, you'd just drop out the PREFIX.
> ie. --localstatedir=/var. But I'm also a bit annoyed at this change,
> have to do something about it so that it can be overridden in config
> file.

I've tried that, and it starts, with a message about fixing permissions 
of /var/run/dovecot, and then all I get is:
Dec 29 01:05:48 badcase imap-master: child 9660 (auth) killed with signal 6
Dec 29 01:05:49 badcase imap-master: child 9662 (auth) killed with signal 6
Dec 29 01:05:51 badcase imap-master: child 9663 (auth) killed with signal 6
Dec 29 01:05:52 badcase imap-master: child 9664 (auth) killed with signal 6
Dec 29 01:05:53 badcase imap-master: child 9665 (auth) killed with signal 6
Dec 29 01:05:54 badcase imap-master: child 9666 (auth) killed with signal 6

If try to connect to the server, I get alternating (auth) and (login) 
"killed with signal 6" every second or so... weird.


Jesse Peterson
erage at softhome.net

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