[dovecot] Maildir format

Gareth J. Greenaway gareth at wiked.org
Mon Dec 30 05:10:06 EET 2002

Started using dovecot and I am very impressed by its speed.  I am
confused by what it is expecting the format of the Maildir directory
to be in.  I currently have ~/Maildir which contains new, cur, and tmp
all containing email that should be in my inbox and it pops up
correctly as such when I connect to dovecot using Mutt.  After the
connection a new .INBOX is created under ~/Maildir with sym links back
to new, cur, and tmp.  The problem arrises when I want to view email
from another folder, I have a folder called "test" which contains some
email also in Maildir format, however when I attempt to view this
email I only get an empty listing with the ".." to go one directory
up.  Thanks.

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