[dovecot] Re: message order reversed on copying

Kimura Fuyuki fuyuki at hadaly.org
Mon Apr 7 02:50:00 EEST 2003

At Sun, 6 Apr 2003 15:12:11 -0400 (EDT),
Charlie Brady <charlieb-dovecot at e-smith.com> wrote:
> As a workaround, Kimura, you can delete dovecot's .imap.* index files, and 
> the new UIDs will be sorted again - until next time.

I'm now running dovecot with maildir_copy_with_hardlinks and it works
well enough since it doesn't do the deliberate reversing, though I'll
be happier if the dovecot implements UIDPLUS or merges your fix. :)

-- fuyuki

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