[dovecot] Re: Error: child 12625 (imap) killed with signal 12

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Apr 7 22:04:22 EEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 13:04, Johan Willard wrote:
> I have tried to install dovecot as my imap service on my FreeBSD server.
> At first all looked fine and worked flawless. But after a while i started
> to get errors. The imap process dies with signal 12 when the client tries
> to check the contens of the folder.
> dovecot: Apr 07 09:55:17 Error: child 12625 (imap) killed with signal 12
> Any ideas what may cause this problem?

That's "non-existent system call invoked" signal. Strange, I've never
seen that before. What's the point of it anyway, why not just return

What version of FreeBSD are you using? I'm guessing it's the sendfile()
call, try to comment out #define HAVE_FREEBSD_SENDFILE line from

And you are using Dovecot, right? There were several FreeBSD
problems before.

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