[dovecot] Re: Maildir syncing rewrite

Kimura Fuyuki fuyuki at hadaly.org
Thu Apr 10 10:14:24 EEST 2003

At 10 Apr 2003 00:03:14 +0300,
Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:
> You can get the sources from either CVS, or 0.99.9-test2 from
> http://dovecot.procontrol.fi/test/

Wow, it's much faster! ...but sometimes it dies with the following
syslog message. (locking broken?)

Apr 10 15:58:53 hadaly imap(fuyuki): Corrupted index file /home/fuyuki/Maildir/.INBOX/.imap.index: index.next_uid (12797) > uidlist.
next_uid (12790)
Apr 10 15:58:53 hadaly dovecot: child 71956 (imap) killed with signal 11

I'm using flock for both dovecot and postfix, which is my local mail
delivery agent.

-- fuyuki

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