[dovecot] Maildir problem?

Maikel Verheijen maikel at ladot.com
Fri Apr 11 13:44:44 EEST 2003

Hey list,

Today I cvs updated to the most recent dovecot, to test with the recent
improvements on the dovecot-uidlist file, and came acros the following:

Apr 11 12:49:36 pc-5-046 imap(): Corrupted index file (in-memory index for
/var/mail/mounted/test.com/maikel/Maildir//.Sent Items): Filename mismatch
for UID 1: 1050058115.P3401Q0M675362.pc-5-046.test.nl:2,S vs

I am using a front-end back-end construction, But I am testing on the
backend only (non-nfs), because the subscriptions file isn't nfs safe yet.

shouldn't the uidl files be leading over the indexes? And shouldn't the
indexes be updated as well?

Thank you,

Maikel Verheijen.

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