[dovecot] dovecot RPM for Red Hat Linux

Warren Togami warren at togami.com
Mon Apr 14 04:42:01 EEST 2003


This .src.rpm is dovecot with RH-specific default settings.  I modified
Jeremy Katz' dovecot- package a bit.  When I upgraded from it seemed to be broken until I looked at /var/log/maillog. 
There it indicated that the dovecot cache files were bad, so I erased
/home/*/mail/.imap/ and it seemed to work subsequently.

There are a few more RH specific tweaks that I plan on doing for this
package.  If you have any suggestions to default config tweaks for this
package please reply or post in that bugzilla entry above.  I would like
for this package to be a drop-in replacement for RHL's uw-imapd
eventually, but there are a number of migration issues that need to be
addressed first.  This package will eventually be included in the Fedora
tree after it goes through our QA.

Fedora Linux is a project of volunteer package developers making 3rd
party packages specifically for Red Hat Linux.

Warren Togami
warren at togami.com

Keep up the good work.  I absolutely love dovecot!

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