[dovecot] Re: a crashy message

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Apr 14 18:29:23 EEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 19:20, Moe Wibble wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> the attached message does reliably crash my dovecot when trying
> to access a folder containing it.
> Crash notice in mail.log:
> Apr 13 17:36:12 rafter dovecot: child 23215 (imap) killed with signal 11
> My `dovecot --version` says:
> 0.99.8

Well, the version number isn't really up to date currently :) Is this
CVS or -test? I don't think yet had --version.

> Has this problem been fixed in current dovecot?
> For now I have just quarantined the offending message but obviously
> I need to upgrade my dovecot soon because I don't like such kinda
> things to happen.

I couldn't get any crashes with it, neither with nor current
CVS. It would help if you got gdb backtrace from the crash:

Set "mail_drop_priv_before_exec = yes" in config file, so it dumps core
to whatever directory you started dovecot in. Hmm. Actually I think I
should change to mail root dir so it's written there..

gdb /usr/local/dovecot/libexec/dovecot/imap core

Or alternatively:

gdb /usr/.../imap <pid of running imap process>
<wait for crash>

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