[dovecot] Re: Shadow password file

Jaime Medrano overflow at eurielec.etsit.upm.es
Wed Apr 16 10:32:03 EEST 2003

> On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 19:25, Jaime Medrano wrote:
>> ¿Is there any way to make dovecot to take the passwords from a file
>> with a shadow password format?
>> I've tried with the passwd-file auth plugin, but it complains that
>> users have uid=0
> There's two separate authentication parts. "passdb" where dovecot gets
> passwords and "userdb" where uid/gid/homedir/etc are stored.
> You should be able to use shadow file with passwd-file for passdb, but
> you have to use something else for userdb. "static" might be enough for
> you.

The thing is I've got a server where imap users are the same of local
users, but with different passwords. I've used for userdb, the passwd-file
module with the passwd  file, and the passwd module and both seem to work.
However, when I use passwd-file for passdb with the shadow file where the
imap passwords are stored I can see in the logs an error saying that every
user has uid=0.

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