[dovecot] Corrupt mbox handling

Kristian Hoffmann khoff at pc-intouch.com
Thu Apr 17 22:18:09 EEST 2003

I've found that if an mbox file has two consecutive 'From' delimiters, I
get the error:

pop3(user): Error indexing mbox file /var/spool/mail/user: LF not found
where expected

UofW apparently ignores the second 'From' silently.  I've been trying to
run dovecot in gdb to get more details on exactly what is happening, but
I haven't quite mastered the art of attaching to the pop3 process between
the login process completing and it exiting.  Is there some trick to doing

If I can't work around it in dovecot, I can just write something in perl
to fix all the duplicate 'From' lines.


Kristian Hoffmann
PC-InTOUCH/FireToWire System Administrator
khoff at pc-intouch.com

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