[dovecot] Corrupted index

Mark E. Mallett mem at mv.mv.com
Wed Apr 30 21:00:06 EEST 2003


Still getting a bunch of these:

Apr 30 13:45:23 mercury mem[11056]: pop3(user1): Corrupted index file
/users/78/user1/Maildir/.INBOX/.imap.index: used_file_size larger than
real file size (4032 vs 1608)

and the occasional:

Apr 30 13:08:53 mercury mem[13507]: pop3(user2): Corrupted index file
(in-memory index for /users/e0/user2/Maildir): Filename mismatch for
UID 1: 1051720748.28556.mercury.mv.net vs 1051715695.29601.mercury.mv.net

Most of the time (but not always) the .imap* files are relatively
old and apparently created by the test5 or older recent release.
The errors persist in the logs until I manually remove the .imap*
files, which are subsequently recreated upon the next access (without
the error being logged, at least not right away).

I had the impression that a "Corrupted index file" would cause the
index files not to be used, and in fact recreated.  Apparently not?
If there is an error that causes the .imap* files to be ignored,
shouldn't those files be removed?


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