[dovecot] 0.99.5 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Jan 2 16:02:16 EET 2003

v0.99.5 2003-01-02  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

	* This release includes a lot of code cleanups, especially related to
	  security. Direct buffer modifying was replaced in several places
	  with a new buffer API, which provides a safe way to do it. Code that
	  looks unsafe contains @UNSAFE tag to make auditing easier.

	+ Support for SORT extension. Originally I thought about not
	  implementing any extensions before 1.0, but too many people want
	  webmails which want SORT. THREAD is another extension which they
	  want, but we don't support it yet.
	+ imap_listen and imaps_listen settings now accept "*" and "::" to
	  specify if we want to listen in IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. "::" may
	  also listen in all IPv4 addresses depending on the OS (Linux does,
	  BSD doesn't)
	+ New setting: default_mail_env can be used to specify where to find
	  users mailbox. Default is still to use autodetection.
	+ New setting: imap_log_path to log logins etc. informational messages
	  to different file.
	+ We support now separate mbox file for INBOX folder, no need for
	  symlink kludging anymore.
	+ Support for keeping index files in different location than actual
	? Disabled mailbox_check_interval setting by default, it breaks
	- SEARCH was still somewhat buggy, especially with laggy networks.
	  Also body/header searches might have crashed or at least used
	  memory too much
	- Deleting messages in the middle of mbox caused dovecot to reindex
	  the following messages as new messages (ie. change UIDs and set
	  \Recent flag).
	- Digest-MD5 auth: Initial server challenge packet was missing a comma,
	  which might have made it incompatible with some implementations.
	- Some more fixes to unnecessarily high memory usage
	- SELECT and EXAMINE often printed UNSEEN reply or maybe complained
	  about corrupted indexes. Happened usually only with mbox.
	- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE gave incorrect reply, breaking pine
	- LIST was pretty buggy with mbox subfolders
	- CHECK command returned just "missing parameters" error
	- DELETE didn't work with mbox folders
	- CREATE mailbox<hierarchy separator> failed always.
	- CREATE and RENAME didn't create required hierarchies with mbox
	- RFC822 date parser didn't handle single digit days correctly.
	- login_process_per_connection = yes didn't work with imaps port
	  connections which is exactly where it was mostly wanted.
	- ssl_disabled = yes didn't disable listening in imaps port
	- process limiting code didn't compile everywhere (eg. FreeBSD).
	- Linux sendfile() was never detected
	- We didn't work at all with gcc/PowerPC

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