[dovecot] Re: maildirmake, shared folders

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Jan 3 07:31:30 EET 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 04:07, Amelia A.Lewis wrote:
> Does dovecot support shared folders, maildir style?

No shared folder support yet, sorry.

> It's interesting that dovecot manages to present folders as siblings
> (rather than children) of INBOX.

Yeah, I got annoyed at that with Courier. It was probably done so that
there would be a completely private namespace for the user, but I don't
think it's that bad to reserve a couple of folder names to specify
shared namespaces. Although I'll probably make it optional to specify a
separate namespace for private folders too.

> Another question: can the dovecot distribution include a maildirmake
> utility?

Well, maybe. It might confuse people though, since Dovecot doesn't yet
support shared folders and quota. Also Dovecot itself doesn't really
care about the contents of maildir, it's enough to simply create
~/Maildir and Dovecot creates the missing folders. qmail and others
might not do that though.

> Nice stuff, though.  I really like the ease of administration; dovecot
> looks to me like a sort of equivalent to postfix, for IMAP instead of

I'm trying to make it fool proof :)

>   A request for the website: perhaps developers could supply
> information on clients used with the server, and what oddities are
> encountered?

Yes, I guess I could. I haven't found many oddities yet though.

>   I know that IMAP client support is spotty, at best (for instance, I
> can't find a client that can do digest-md5; mutt is supposedly
> capable, but my installation doesn't even admit that that's a valid
> authenticator).  This is partly significant because setting up a
> system that uses options for which there is little or no client
> support is, perhaps, an exercise in futility.

Evolution can do digest-md5 and I'm using it all the time. mutt uses
Cyrus SASL library, so you'll have to install libsasl-digestmd5-plain in
Debian. Except it doesn't seem to like Dovecot's implementation, have to

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