[dovecot] wierdness with mailboxes

David E. Storey dave at tamos.net
Mon Jan 6 03:35:40 EET 2003

Mail has always been the bane of my sys-admin life. I've been looking
long and hard for a small, C-based, simple IMAP server that worked well
with maildirs *and* mboxes and nothing else. wu-imap is so bloated and
rife with decrepit, cross-platform, insecure code that I avoid it for
any new servers. Courier-imap only supports maildirs but has some
wierdnesses that I've come to live with. dovecot promises to be exactly
what I'm looking for with just the right footprint and feature-set.


I was surprised when I tried creating subfolders of mbox's. woohoo! The
only problem is that dovecot manages to rename the parent, appending a
'.'. So when we have:


we now have:


Evolution freaks out and thinks it can't store folders in 'folder.' and
ends up with two subfolders: null and subfolder, which can contain
messages. If I rename the parent folder without the trailing '.',
everything works as expected. I'm trying to test some other imap clients

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