[dovecot] 0.99.6 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jan 14 00:14:25 EET 2003

Several bugfixes since 0.99.6rc3. Here's again the change summary since

v0.99.6 2003-01-13  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

	+ THREAD=REFERENCES extension support. ORDEREDSUBJECT would be easy to
	  add, but I think it's pretty useless.
	+ SORT is much faster now.
	+ mbox: If ~/mail directory isn't found, create it.
	+ Log login usernames
	* Some coding style changes (less typedefs)
	- Mails with nested MIME parts might have caused incorrect BODY and
	  BODYSTRUCTURE fetches and sometimes might have crashed dovecot
	  (assert at imap-bodystructure.c). If client had already successfully
	  done the BODY fetching a couple of times, the bug couldn't happen
	  anymore since Dovecot then began caching the BODY data. So, this
	  mostly happened with new users.
	- non-UID SEARCH might gave wrong replies in certain conditions.
	- SORT replied always with UIDs instead of sequences.
	- If authentication was aborted by client ("*" reply to AUTHENTICATE),
	  the login process crashed later.
	- STATUS command gave invalid reply for mailboxes with spaces in name
	- Timezones were parsed wrong with message dates
	- Digest-MD5: We used "qop-options" instead of "qop", which was
	  incompatible with at least Cyrus SASL.
	- Realms in passwd-file were buggy
	- Literals didn't work when logging in
	- Crashed if it had to wait for mbox lock
	- With invalid configuration auth and login processes were just dying
	  and master filling log files infinitely.
	- We didn't work with some 64bit systems

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