[Dovecot] DRAC support?

David Champion dgc at uchicago.edu
Fri May 16 22:13:35 EEST 2003

* On 2003.05.14, in <200305142137.11186.jryden at thebox.our-own.net>,
*	"Joakim Ryden" <jryden at thebox.our-own.net> wrote:
> DRAC, pop-before-smtp and other such implementations really is a "broken" way 
> of implementing the desired result, IMHO, and I would much prefer this code 
> stays out of dovecot. You should be using SMTP auth. Really.

I agree that it's not as good an answer as SMTP auth, but SMTP auth
isn't always an option. *-before-SMTP is. That's why it's popular,
and that's why it will exist for dovecot whether Timo puts it in the
distribution or not. It just makes things easier if he does.

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