[Dovecot] 0.99.10-test1

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun May 18 16:09:38 EEST 2003


Maildir syncing now works pretty much as described in my earlier mail.
It was quite a large change, so please test this :)

So the new and great features:

- It's faster.

- If someone renames maildir file just before we try to use it, we now
resync the maildir and try to find it again. Before we just failed. It's
also possible that the filename changed again while we resynced, so we
try max. 10 times before failing (yes, we know if we should try
resyncing so we don't always scan it 10 times).

- Read-only maildirs work now. If we don't have write access to
dovecot-uidlist, we'll show only those mails which are already there.

- Out of quota/disk space failures are handled well now. All except
updating dovecot-uidlist file which is a bit tricky.

- :CONTROL=dir in default_mail_env can specify where to save
dovecot-uidlist and .customflags files. Useful for above problems.

I think maildir support is getting near perfect now. Only thing left is
to deal with failure to write dovecot-uidlist when out of quota. Oh, and
NFS safe .customflags file.

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