[Dovecot] still problem with load

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Wed May 21 13:19:08 EEST 2003

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 11:58, Farkas Levente wrote:
>>since everybody use OE6 they 
>>always download all messages with huge mailboxes
> OE6 shouldn't do that, unless UIDVALIDITY changes. And it shouldn't
> change.
>>what's more dovecot index the whole system all the time.
> Dovecot should neither do that unless it thinks there's something wrong
> with the indexes. Don't you get any error messages in logs?
> If it really is rebuilding the indexes all the time without errors, try 
> what happens if you use in-memory indexes? ie. add :INDEX=MEMORY to
> default_mail_env setting. Although that pretty much requires
> 0.99.10-test releases since there was some bugs in it before.
> And if OE6 reloads everything, check if the UIDVALIDITY keeps changing
> in dovecot-uidlist. It's in the first line, middle number.

no it doesn't changing:-(

>>IMHO 300 mailbox and 100 concurrent user is not such a big thing.
> No, it shouldn't be.

ok so what can be the reason?
if I stop dovecot, the load fall down to about 0.3. if I start dovecot 
and about 50 people connect to it it goes up to 3.x-4.x. which actualy 
irritate me and the samba server stops for a few seconds for every 10-20 
minutes and it took about 20-30 second to delete a mail in mozilla an 
show me the next (simple text) messages.
any tip?
how can I test it or help to you to find out the reason?
it there any way to measure the total amount of read and write issued by 
all dovecot process? or...?

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