[Dovecot] pop3 timeout when sending first message

Mike Brown mike at skew.org
Mon May 26 08:33:02 EEST 2003

I'm using FreeBSD 4.8 with dovecot from the ports collection.

First I am first trying to fetch mail via POP3. Clients are both OE6 and
Mozilla. Both exhibit the same behavior: the client says it is receiving
message 1 of (however many), but nothing happens; no message data is
transferred. Mozilla seems to keep waiting forever, but OE6 times out after 60
seconds and lets me stop waiting.

I tried both with and without SSL. Authentication works fine in either case,
but the mail xfer just doesn't work.

There's nothing of interest in the logs. By the way, there seems to be no
mention of what syslog facility is used by dovecot. What is it? I'm avoiding
syslog for now and writing to specific files.

In the info log I get this when the client logs in:

  pop3-login: May 25 23:10:44 Info: Login: mike [my.IP.addr.here]

In the other log I get this when OE6 disconnects, following the timeout and
prompting me to wait or stop:

  pop3-login: May 25 23:11:53 Warning: SSL_read() syscall failed: EOF []

I'm not sure what else to do to try to debug this...



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