[Dovecot] logging in POP3

Jens Laas jens.laas at data.slu.se
Mon May 26 11:46:55 EEST 2003

I have begun testing dovecot as (primarly) a POP replacement.

So far the only lacking bit is the logging.

It would be great if pop3 could log a line at client exit with the
following info: (wishlist follows :)

o nr deleted mails + total bytes deletes
o nr mails left in spool + bytes left
o time spent
o indication if TLS was used or not

If you would lika generic logging API I have one you can use:
(Only tested under Linux. It is GPL)


Excerpt from headerfile:

  Functions for setting the destination of logger_facilities.
  - filename is the file to append log entries to. If file does not exist
    is created with umask 0666 (modified as usual by open() call).
  - filestream is the FILE stream to use.
  - fd is the filedescriptor to use.
  - priority is the syslog priority to use as used in the syslog() call.
  - timestamp is used as a boolean. True means begin line with a
int logger_set_file(logger_facility facility, char *filename, int
int logger_set_iostream(logger_facility facility,
			FILE *filestream, int timestamp);
int logger_set_fd(logger_facility facility, int fd, int timestamp);
int logger_set_syslog(logger_facility facility, int priority, int

  fmt = [sdt]+
  s = string
  d = integer
  t = time-string

  Example: logger( LOGGER_ERROR, "sds", "Errorcode: ", -1234, ".
  See end of logger.c for more examples.
int logger(logger_facility facility, char *fmt, ...);

Dovecot looks great!
Just thought I'd send you this wishlist.

If you could point me to the right places in the code I am willing to help
adding this myself.

Jens Låås

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