[Dovecot] new problems

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Thu May 29 00:56:05 EEST 2003

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 01:57:46PM +0200, Farkas Levente wrote:
>>I switch my own mailbox from dovecot to courier (on the same server both 
>>are running now) and it a LOT faster!
>>the simplist test to delete a mail and mozilla just jump to the next 
>>one. it took about 5-10 sec with dovecot!!! while it almost nothing 
>>(less than 1 sec) with courier.....
> So Courier works fine even while the load is high? strace's output could

no we used to stop dovecot and killall imap what for the low load and
restart dovecot manually. after we do it for an hour the load goes back
to "just" 2-3 and in this case yes courier is much faster that dovecot.

> show what Dovecot is doing wrong then. ie. just before expunge:
> strace -p your_dovecot_imap_pid > /tmp/dove.log 2>&1

which imap process? since even if I set the maximum imap connection in 
mozilla to 1 logout and login again the mozilla (or dovecot) change it 
back to at least 2:-(
anyway I try all of them, both as root and as the user itself, the only 
result is:
trace: ptrace(PTRACE_SYSCALL, ...): Operation not permitted

> And stop it after expunge has completed.

any other logging mode?

> I'm anyway guessing that it has something to do with the new syncing code..
> What filesystem do you use?


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