[Dovecot] observations about delays

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Mon Sep 1 00:52:05 EEST 2003

I've tried two imap clients (mahogany and Mozilla) and they both have strange 
delays and weird failures.  As a reminder, I am using mbox format mailboxes on 
the server and client side filtering of messages from the inbox.

In both cases when the client fetches messages from the inbox and starts 
redistributing them, CPU utilization on the imap server goes to around 40 
percent for Mozilla and around 90 percent for mahogany.  There are long delays 
on the order of two minutes when filtering messages. or 30 to 50 seconds when 
opening a mailbox.

Other than the performance problems, Mozilla is relatively well-behaved. 
Mahogany on the other hand is a bit more rough and (not) ready.  It uses 
c-client for its imap code and during the filter driven message redistribution 
process, it all of a sudden started started complaining about unexpected EOF and 
I found one corrupted message:

on 31/8/03 7:36 pm, Morten Christensen at ipcop-d at indbakke.dk wrote:

 >> These bugs might keep many people from trying a new alpha with
 >> interesting improvements.
 >> A more detailed help for fixing them after install is needed.

OK, I'll have a From esj at harvee.org  Sun Aug 31 16:01:21 2003
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I had read this message before it was filtered and moved to the right mailbox. 
It was complete then.  Now it's not so happy.

How can I gather more data to make it possible to debug these problems.


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