[Dovecot] dovecot, vpopmail and djb's tcpserver

Lasse Danielsen lasse at danielsen.tk
Tue Sep 2 23:00:45 EEST 2003


I've tried to set up dovecot in conjuction with vpopmail, and running it
under djb's tcpserver instead of (x)inetd.

Btw - there was no reference to setting dovecot up using (x)inetd either in
the manuals/faqs i read, though I didn't search all that hard. Anyway, back
to my Q:

vpopmail uses vchkpw as an authentication mechanism, and with tcpserver I
can do relaycontrol (based on vchkpw) with roaming users. Is there anyone
who have tried this, and succeeded? Right now I use two imap services to
accomplish this (bincimap has support for vchkpw).

Thank you for any response.

- Lasse Danielsen

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