[Dovecot] Debian bug #201444: More verbose logging

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Sep 6 20:55:45 EEST 2003

O  I use now a daemon which logs login (name, ip; as dovecot does), and
>   logout (with name, logout reason if any special) with the numbers of "read
>   new mail number and size" and "mail left on server number and size". Would
>   be nice to have something like that in dovecot.
> Could something like this be added for the next version?

Hmm. I think plugins should do that. No-one will agree on what they want
to log anyway :) And the above is likely meant just for POP3 users.

But I think master process should actually handle logging the user's
comings and goings so that they couldn't be faked. Especially logins
from imap/pop3-login processes.. imap/pop3 processes could then just
tell master process what extra stuff they want logged such as those mail
counts and sizes.

Maybe master process should handle all logging anyway. Processes would
just print to stderr which master process would redirect into proper log

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