[Dovecot] what is the current state

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Tue Sep 9 12:07:05 EEST 2003

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 05:59:20PM +0200, Farkas Levente wrote:
>>what is the current state of dovecot? is it worth to upgrade now or wait 
>>for some release in the near future?
> It's probably not a good idea to use CVS yet. There's a few small bugs
> (which I'll fix today) and it doesn't yet do any smart decisions on what it
> should save into cache.
> It might work better than 0.99.10, but I'll probably break the index format
> a few times more before 0.99.11.
> I wasted yesterday trying to figure out why Cyrus was faster in simple
> fetches. Such as fetching UID for 360k mails took a bit over second in Cyrus
> while Dovecot used two seconds. Annoying :) Probably has something to do
> with Cyrus printing things directly into stdout while Dovecot copies the
> data through a couple of buffers.
> Anyway, I would really like to know if the new indexing code helps with your
> load problems. It should use much less disk I/O.

as you know we'd a lot of problem with dovecot at the begining (with 
stability and the load). now there is one version of dovecot (a cvs 
around 99.10) which still has a high load, but work both with mozilla 
and OE6. this's a production system about 300 user so we can't play with 
it too much. that was the reason why I ask it. try now or wait a bit 
more? but as I see it's better to wait a bit more...

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