[Dovecot] Setting up a local shared mailbox

Peter Clark peter-clark at bethel.edu
Thu Sep 11 18:27:25 EEST 2003

	One: I have never set up an IMAP server before, so I thought I would ask 
first before blindly stumbling around. The problem I am want to solve is 
this: my wife and I have a "joint" email account that we both want to access 
(we also have our own personal accounts, but that's beside the point.) I 
posed the question to my local LUG, and several suggested setting up a local 
IMAP server so that we can both access it through KMail. Would you concur? If 
so, is there a tutorial or something similar that gives instructions for 
setting up dovecot locally? As I said, I've never set up an IMAP server 
before, and I'm not really sure how to go about it. (I'm running Debian Sid, 
so the packages are already installed, but I don't know what additional steps 
need to be taken.)
	Thanks for your help,

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