[Dovecot] Setting up a local shared mailbox

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Sep 13 05:50:12 EEST 2003

On Friday, Sep 12, 2003, at 19:54 Europe/Helsinki, Peter Clark wrote:

> 	Almost everything works fine, although I'm concerned about 
> 'imap_listen = *'.
> Is there any way to restrict this to just localhost? I tried 
> 'imap_listen =
> localhost', but that didn't seem to work. (Ditto with

That should work. What do you mean by it didn't work? Does Dovecot 
start? Is there anything in log files (/var/log/mail.log)? Can you 
"telnet localhost imap2"? Does "netstat -l" show that it's listening 

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