[Dovecot] Dovecot + PostgreSQL + Postfix with SMTP AUTH HOWTO

John Ello jello at waste.org
Tue Sep 16 09:21:14 EEST 2003

> Just built one and figured I'd write down what I did :) Still needing
> some web thingy to configure it. At least a password changer plugin for
> Squirrelmail.
> http://wiki.dovecot.fi/moin.cgi/DovecotPostgresql

Cool. I've built something similar with MySQL instead of Postgres
recently. I have to use passwd-file until Dovecot supports Mysql
directly which is a bit hackish obviously. I have a perl CGI GUI thing
that's almost done, it supports multiple admins each with access only
to their own domains. It should be easily possible to make it use
postgres instead of mysql. I'll drop a note here when it's ready for
testing, I'll be releasing it under the GPL.

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