[Dovecot] Locking foolishness

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Sep 16 18:17:43 EEST 2003

On Tuesday, Sep 16, 2003, at 07:22 Europe/Helsinki, Ian Marlier wrote:

> When I coverted from mbox to maildir (as part of this whole process),  
> I put
> the Maildir folders under user home dirs -- and the home dirs are  
> mounted
> via NFS from a server.  This is for reasons of space as well as simply
> seeming to make sense.
> Now I get errors in my mail.log which read:
> imap-login: Sep 16 00:16:24 dovecot:Info: Login: marlier  
> []
> imap(marlier): Sep 16 00:16:28 dovecot:Error: file_wait_lock() failed  
> with
> index file
> /Network/Servers/network.uphamscornercs.net/Users/marlier/Maildir/ 
> .INBOX/.im
> ap.index: Invalid argument

1) Index files can't be accessed safely via NFS. You can disable them  
by appending :INDEX=MEMORY in default_mail_env.

2) .subscriptions file isn't NFS safe yet. It has been fixed in CVS.

3) .customflags file isn't NFS safe yet. It hasn't been fixed in CVS.

You could use lockd to enable fcntl() locks which would make 2 and 3  
work, but many NFS client implementations don't really support lockd..

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