[Dovecot] feature request: maildirquota

Eero Volotinen security at jlug.org
Fri Sep 19 11:04:41 EEST 2003

Hope maildirquota++ is soon supported, without it, dovecot is useless in my
use (mail hosting with maildirquotas).

Also QUOTA cabability in dovecot is needed to get to use my webmail plugins
that use
a001 CAPABILITY to get quota support. Courier imapd supports this.

--snippet from quota usage plugin to squirrelmail--
   function sqimap_get_quota ($imap_stream, $mailbox) {
      if (check_quota_capability($imap_stream, "QUOTA")) {
        fputs ($imap_stream, "a001 GETQUOTAROOT \"$mailbox\"\r\n");
        $read_ary = sqimap_read_data ($imap_stream, 'a001', true, $result,
        for ($i = 0; $i < count($read_ary); $i++) {
            if (ereg("STORAGE", $read_ary[$i])) {
                $tempusage = ereg_replace("^.*[(]STORAGE +(.*)[)].*$",
                $usagearray = explode(" ", $tempusage);
                return $usagearray[0].":".$usagearray[1];
      return "NOQUOTA";

   function check_quota_capability($imap_stream, $capability) {
        global $imap_general_debug;

        fputs ($imap_stream, "a001 CAPABILITY\r\n");
        $read_ary = sqimap_read_data($imap_stream, 'a001', true, $a, $b);

        for($i = 0; $i < count($read_ary); $i++) {
            if (ereg("QUOTA", $read_ary[$i]))
                return TRUE;
        return false;


-- end snippet--


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