[Dovecot] Multiple instances of .customflags staying open

Ron dovecot at fabre.id.au
Thu Sep 25 16:52:14 EEST 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 05:51:33 -0400 (EDT) Charlie Brady (Charlie Brady
<charlieb-dovecot at e-smith.com>) said:

> Hi Ron!

Howdy stranger! ;-)

> I don't see how swnding mail has anything to do with dovecot. That's a
> transaction between your mail client and your SMTP daemon.

Except that the messages get stored in both the Queue and Sent folders.
It's the Queue folder that is generating the error.

> Timo, Ron has an strace of the imap process if you need any further 
> confirmation of the location of the fd leak. But it looks like you've 
> found it anyway.

heh. I almost forgot about that.


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