[Dovecot] Odd problem with dovecot segfaulting

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Sep 29 17:03:46 EEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 09:01, Tim Miller wrote:
> The seconmd account is a vhosted account, and I set the uid and gid to
> that under which the vhosting account exists. I did not set a home dir,
> but I set a mail dir in /var/spool/vmail/imap/vhost/user, and made this
> dir group writeable by dovecot. The user can login, but immediately upon
> authentication, dovecot segfaults (the log reports an "Internal login
> failure" and the authentication process is killed with signal 11, i.e. a
> segfault).

This patch fixes it: http://dovecot.fi/auth-home.patch

> Has anyone encountered this before? Is this even the right way to set up
> vhosting (I don't want to go with LDAP or SQL authentication right at the
> moment, but I may move to that later on)? 

You could also just set the home directory to the mail dir. It doesn't
really matter which way you use.

The reason why I used SQL authentication rather than passwd-file is that
Postfix doesn't really like passwd-file type files. And it's a bit
easier to write some simple web user interface for changing the data.

> Are there any things I should
> look for (this is probably due to something I've done wrong) or make
> dovecot be a bit more verbose in reporting errors to its log?

There's auth_verbose setting but that's mostly useful for figuring out
why authentication fails. Dovecot should have verbose enough logging for
all error handling, but for crashes it can't say much more than that it

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