[Dovecot] can't read attachments using javamail with dovecot

Jonas Bosson jonas at illuminet.se
Mon Sep 29 20:42:34 EEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 19:02, Jonas Bosson wrote:

> Now I have conducted the trace and all seems fine, unless dovecot should
> not append the mime-boundary too... witch it does. That could explain
> why the javamail base64 parser flips out.
> It this the problem perhaps?
> --- snip from tail ---
> zym/MizHsizPMi3Xsi3f8qgFBAAAOx==
> --=-u5ZQZIAhsi8nf+mzzgM1--
> )
> A9 OK Fetch completed.
> --- SNAP

Also, dovecot includes the boundary in the "length" of the body part in:

A3 OK [READ-ONLY] Select completed.
* 103 FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE (("text" "plain" ("charset" "us-ascii") NIL
NIL "7bit" 15 3 NIL NIL NIL)("image" "gif" ("name"
"usenet-traffic-globe.gif") NIL NIL "base64" 81076 NIL ("attachment"
("filename" "usenet-traffic-globe.gif")) NIL) "mixed" ("boundary"
"=-u5ZQZIAhsi8nf+mzzgM1") NIL NIL))
A4 OK Fetch completed.

81076 includes the boundary shown above.
Sorry if this is entirely up the wrong tree.
And thanks for any advice.


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