[Dovecot] error dropping root group priv

Thomas Abthorpe thomas at stthomasanglican.org
Sat Apr 24 18:07:09 EEST 2004

Good morning all, I am new to this list.

I have been running FreeBSD 5.1 with dovecot successfully for about a year. Just recently, I built a new machine with 5.2.1-p5 on the Intel platform with dovecot- When I use the same configuration options on the new machine, I get

Apr 24 10:53:59 standrew pop3-login: Login: tabthorpe []
Apr 24 10:53:59 standrew pop3(tabthorpe): We couldn't drop root group privileges
Apr 24 10:53:59 standrew dovecot: child 44134 (pop3) returned error 89

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


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