[Dovecot] Adding mail to dovecot directories

Chris Dean ctdean at sokitomi.com
Tue Aug 3 03:15:17 EEST 2004

I run mailagent (which is similar to procmail) to filter all my
incoming messages.  I would like mailagent to put these messages
directly into my dovecot server.

What I'm doing right now is to create files (one per message) in the
"~/mail/.folder-name/new" directory, or in the case of INBOX, in the
"~/.mail/new" directory.  I have ~/.mail as my maildir.

The files created have MH style names: "1", "2", etc. and the names
are often reused throughout the day.  That is, the file named "1"
might be created dozens of times per day with new contents.

Is this the right way?

Chris Dean

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