[Dovecot] SSL CA root certificate

Mail Admin postmaster at psy.miami.edu
Tue Aug 3 03:21:09 EEST 2004

Problem solved.  In my case I was using the 0.99.10.x release of
dovecot, which does not recognize the ssl_ca_file directive.  Upgrading
to 1.0-test32 was step one.  The next step was finding the right format
for DST's root certificate.  I think the format that finally worked was
the format DST distributes for Apache Raven.  Thanks!

On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 19:47, Zach Bagnall wrote:
> It's probably not a matter of getting dovecot to recognise the
> certificate, it'll be getting the MUA to recognise the signer.
> When you get the warning, can you click through to the certificate
> details and see what it says? Is it showing the signer as DST? Get DST
> to confirm that their CA is recognised and trusted by Outlook Express,
> Thunderbird, etc.
> Zach.
> On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 13:59:40 -0400, Mail Admin
> <postmaster at psy.miami.edu> wrote:
> > I bought a certificate from Digital Signature Trust which is a well
> > known certificate authority.  The reason I bought my certificate, was
> > so that email clients connecting to my imaps server wouldn't be
> > bothered with warnings of unrecognized certificate authority as they
> > would see with a self-signed server certificate.  However, I haven't
> > been able to configure dovecot with my Digital Signature Trust signed
> > certificate so that the unrecognized certificate authority warning
> > doesn't appear.

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