[Dovecot] Dovecot Courier

Michael Baird mike at tc3net.com
Tue Aug 3 18:43:00 EEST 2004

Hello, I've been testing dovecot, and it appears to be much faster then
courier-imap. I am using the latest .99 version, trying to make the
transition from courier to dovecot as smooth as possible. We really only
use IMAP via squirrelmail, I think I've got that worked out fine,
changing a few settings in squirrelmail as the FAQ instructs and
migrating the courier subscriptions to .subscriptions. I've noticed the
folders .Trash .Sent  are no longer subfolders of the INBOX,, and when I
create new folders in a Client, it creates .INBOX.foldername, and
a .INBOX. I would really like all folders to be subfolders of .INBOX,
I've set dovecot up as the following.

default_mail_env = maildir:/var/export/%h/.maildir:INDEX=/var/indexes/%n

I've also tried putting the INBOX:/var/export/%h/.maildir in there as
well with no luck. I essentially want .INBOX to be .maildir, and any
subfolders would be called .Sent or .Trash or whatever, like in courier,
is this possible?


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