[Dovecot] Debian sarge release and dovecot

Christian Balzer chibi at gol.com
Tue Aug 10 04:30:35 EEST 2004

Jaldhar wrote:

>In what must surely be the first sign of the apocalypse, Debian is
>actually freezing in preperation for a new release.  
Oh my. Them horsemen must be just around the corner by now! 

>Probably the last day
>for uploads will be August 17.  Is there likely to be another dovecot
>release by then?  In the event of being the released version,
>are there any other patches Debian users would like me to include?
The is that quota patch. I never looked at it too closely, but I think it
just supplies IMAP quota command support and not maildirsize quota. And
some of the "Fixme" comments didn't inspire instant awe and trust either. ;)

But QUOTA support would be helpful here. Though when all is said and done,
I'll likely keep track of dovecot through backports or the new "testing",
so the most stable and well tested release should go into sarge.

Regards and thanks to both Timo and Jaldhar,

Christian Balzer
Christian Balzer        Network/Systems Engineer                NOC
chibi at gol.com   	Global OnLine Japan/Fusion Network Services

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