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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Tue Aug 17 11:40:02 EEST 2004

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On 17-08-2004 09:53, Curtis Maloney wrote:
| Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
|> |
|> | Just my two cents:  as much documentation with the source tarball as
|> you
|> | can is preferable, imho.  It's often faster and easier for me (and
|> | probably others) to grep the doco than to get to a browser.
|> Using wiki to write documentation does not (necessarily) leave it out of
|> the distributed tarball.
| My main concern was the suggestion at the end of Tom's paragraph, to cut
| down the doco in the tarball, and furnish it with a URL.

Sorry - I didn't pay enough attention.

|> I welcome the possibility for others to help Timo write the
|> documentation. What I read above is a request for Timo to remember
|> including (a snapshot of) the documentation with each tarball published.
| Absolutely, a snapshot would be excellent... however, again (without
| wanting to sound too old fashioned :) so long as there's a plain text
| version.  I can read HTML fine, but it can really slow things down, you
| know? :)

I certainly agree.

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