[Dovecot] Unusual behaviour

Andrew Boothman andrew at mux.org.uk
Fri Aug 20 20:09:28 EEST 2004

Mark Lidstone wrote:
> I thought that Dovecot was supposed to handle that kind of thing?
> Reading from the website:
> 	"Any kind of crash is considered as bug and will be fixed - even
> if it happens only by deliberately poking the index files."
> I've done it in the past by just creating the bare folders - they appear
> in the IMAP folder list then when they're used Dovecot seems to create
> the sub folders anyway.
> The issue I'm asking about here is, should the error message say
> "Internal Error [date time]" rather than something useful?

Did Dovecot actually crash? Did it log a more sensible error message to 

I think Dovecot quite often reports an "internal error" to the client 
but then writes a more sensible error message to syslog. Which is 
probably no bad thing as you may well not want clients to see detailed 
error messages - there's nothing they can do about it anyway.


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