[Dovecot] Multiple dovecot processes stepping on each other

Peter Hessler phessler at theapt.org
Mon Aug 23 08:54:30 EEST 2004

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:35:04 +0300
Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:

:On 18.8.2004, at 23:30, Peter Hessler wrote:
:> I have two instances of dovecot running, one for v6 and one for v4
:> connections.  The only differences in the config files are:
:> For the most part it is working, but every so often, the auth freaks 
:> out for
:> one (random) account.  The error for one example is below:
:> Aug 18 11:13:12 gir dovecot: login: Authentication process 21082 
:> doesn't
:> exist
:Is login_dir setting commented out in the config file? Or are you 
:trying to somehow use a single dovecot-auth process for them? If not, 
:this is a bit strange problem. They shouldn't know anything about each 
:others in that case.

Do any other directories need to be seperated, or just login_dir?  Seems to
be working well for now.

It might be a good thing to do a s/\/var\/dovecot\//$base-dir/g so any
changes to base-dir filter throughout the config file.

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