[Dovecot] 1.0-test33

Andrey Panin pazke at donpac.ru
Mon Aug 23 12:38:17 EEST 2004

On 236, 08 23, 2004 at 11:10:26AM +0300, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> http://dovecot.org/test/
> I think I found and fixed the last bug that was giving me problems. Now
> that Dovecot has been successfully working for a few hours, time for a
> new test release :)
> This release has major changes, so there might still be some bugs left.
> Be careful.
> If you're upgrading from previous 1.0-test release, you must delete all
> existing dovecot.index.log files or you will get errors.
> So, the changes are:
>  - All network sockets are nonblocking now and all the waiting is done
> in a single event loop. This required tons of changes all over the code.
>  - Transaction log file doesn't use locks for reading anymore
>  - Some mbox fixes
>  - search text was broken

Hmm, how did you compile it ?

ostream-crlf.h exists in CVS, but not in the -test33 tarball.

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