[Dovecot] Just installed with Fedora 2

Michael J. Pawlowsky mikejp at videotron.ca
Wed Aug 25 00:02:29 EEST 2004

I just upgraded my RH9 installation to Fedora 2.

To my surprise, imapd seems to be gone from the core.
I noticed there are now two IMAP servers docevot and cyrus.
After reading brief descriptions of both, dovecot would seem to be more 
compatible with my setup.
Especially since I'm using mbox's.

I have 2 questions.

It seems like dovecot does not support mailboxes inside of a directories.
Am I right in thinking this?

Second I get the error message:

The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: Error in 
IMAP command MYRIGHTS: Unknown command.
My client is Thunderbird.

Any work around for this?


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